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Determined Michigan lawyer works to maximize compensation for clients

At The Fiorletta Law Group, PLLC, I am a proven Grand Rapids auto accident lawyer committed to helping victims of Michigan car crashes obtain appropriate payment from insurance companies and drivers responsible for their injuries. Over three decades of legal practice, I’ve achieved outstanding results for clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Before you agree to a settlement that’s not in your best interests, you should get an informed perspective from a lawyer who will stand up for you.

Established firm takes on cases involving truck, motorcycle and ATV accidents

Typically, more than 50,000 people are injured in Michigan vehicle crashes annually. I handle a full range of claims stemming from accidents involving:

  • Cars — During insurance negotiations and litigation, you can rely on me to provide knowledgeable, effective advocacy.
  • Trucks — Following collisions with tractor-trailers or other large trucks, my firm thoroughly reviews the facts to see if rules governing commercial vehicle operation were broken.
  • Motorcycles — Drivers of cars and trucks who ignore the rules designed to protect motorcycle riders present a great danger. If you’ve been hurt on your bike, I’ll fight for your rights.
  • ATVs — All-terrain vehicles can be both fun and useful, but a mechanical flaw or some other problem could leave a rider seriously hurt.
  • Pedestrians — Motorists who are distracted by a cell phone or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs might not notice a pedestrian in time, leading to a possibly devastating injury.

Whether you’re seeking relief for broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or a permanent condition, my background in personal injury litigation helps me to assemble factual and expert evidence to bolster your claim.

Legal counselor outlines steps you can take after an accident to help your case

Once you are sure that everyone is physically safe after an accident, you might choose to record information that could be helpful in your case. By taking pictures with your phone and noting contact information for witnesses, you can strengthen your case and avoid unnecessary delay and expense. You should notify the authorities and obtain the police report, but don’t worry about arguing with the other driver about who’s to blame, as those issues will be dealt with later.

Litigator details potential damages available to those hurt in crashes

As a no-fault jurisdiction, Michigan requires victims to pursue compensation from their own insurer unless an exception applies. For example when someone is killed, seriously injured or disfigured, a suit can be filed against the at-fault party. Damages could include compensation for medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and damage to your vehicle. If you’re a family member of someone who died in a vehicle collision, I can initiate a wrongful death action. In these cases, family members can collect reimbursement for funeral costs, income the victim would have earned and the value of the companionship and guidance that was lost.

How you can benefit by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney

After a car accident, you might find yourself being pressured into a quick settlement or confused by the state’s new law addressing personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. My firm will explain your options under Michigan’s no-fault insurance system so you aren’t misled into a poor decision. Even in situations where you might not be sure if you need an attorney, such as if the injury is minor or there appears to be only property damage, I can assess if legal action is necessary to protect your rights. You can obtain a financial recovery if you’re partly at fault for the accident as well.  

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